Music, Movement, Meditation, and Healing

“Helen is attentive, playful, and respectful. She is grounded in the moment and responsive to needs as they arise. Helen is that rare individual who is wholly committed to bringing her best to every person and every situation. She brings far more to the job than her skills or qualifications will attest.” — L. Escue, English As A Second Language Teachers Teacher

“I just watched your music video and was amazed by the natural harmony you create.” — R. Quigley, Professor of Nutrition and Exercise Science

“Best personal trainer in the world!” — W. Kinaka, Esq., Retired Attorney

“Helen is like Drano — she will unclog your brain and allow you to flow.” — B. Einhorn, Television/Film Director/Writer

“You’re a good teacher.” A. Rehman, Chemical Engineer

“Her fever’s disappeared. You are the most wonderful person on Earth for us.” J. Teixeira, Single Father of Two Children

“It’s so incredible how in touch with here and the other side you are. I find it inspirational.” — E. Sinclair, Nurse

It worked! You are a magician, and if you’re not a magician, you’re a saint!” — K. Gouvcia, Athlete

You are such an inspiration, Helen. — L. Southerland, Film/Animation Director/Writer

I love this book!– R. Labinson, Yoga Teacher


Piarei’s (nee Helen) classes incorporate the following: breath, circulation, endurance, nutrition, voice, ukulele, piano, rhythm, public speaking, stage performance, yoga, weight training, Pilates, postural alignment, balance, coordination, flexibility, vision/hearing/sleep-improvement, walk (with or without a cane)/run/bike/swim-postural improvement, physical therapy, occupational therapy, Nada Yoga, Kriya Yoga, the 5 Tibetans, acrobatics, and dance.

Piarei holds an Harvard Business School Executive Education Certificate and has authored two books, Suriso and B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara. She’s taught business executives meditation and mindfulness in New York City and to general audiences at Locust Valley Bikram Studio. In 2016, she had a Near Death Experience and through Divine guidance, her body healed itself — surgery-free — within 7 days of a broken patella using modified yoga, weight training, nutrient-dense diet. She has a uniquely extensive VO2max outbreath/lung capacity and has taught her clients how to expand theirs.

Her clients have ranked high in the Senior Olympics, learned to walk again without a cane, regained strength and flexibility after an accident, and healed from illness. Clients as old as 90 have improved their vocal endurance and music/movement clients as young as 2 have become more open/confident in their social interactions.

Services and Prices (payable before or on 1st session’s day):

Single (one) 50 minute session — $400.00

6 (six) 50 minute sessions — $1500.00

Introductory offer only: 6 (six) 50 minute sessions — $1200.00

Introductory offer only: 12 (twelve) 50 minute sessions — $2700.00

A 15-minute complimentary client assessment session is available prior to purchase.

2 individual scholarships (1 for music (voice/piano/ukulele and 1 for yoga/weight training) are granted to 2 children under the age of 7 years old.

Please contact us at or 808-633-5706 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Recommended Reading:

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


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Of course, if you’re less-than-healthy, you should seek medical attention from a qualified doctor. Eastern-based wellness/meditation/movement or weight training may or may not be accepted by Western medicine as a means of diagnosis or treatment, but can be a helpful adjunct to medical care. You should, however, have a physical examination before embarking on any new exercise program.


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